Business Plans and Feasibility Studies

Its normal confusion among the peoples regarding Business plans and feasibility study, a feasibility study is not a business plan.

A Feasibility Study is an analysis of the viability of an idea based on investigation ,skills of the relevant field combined with local market (i.e.UAE ,GCC etc.) environment to addresses the question of “Is this a viable business venture.

The Business Plan shows methodically and comprehensibly how the business idea is to be put into effect, what resources are necessary for this and what results are expected.

Either its Business plan or Feasibility Study this is of no use unless it is actually implemented. Successful implementation means convincing your investors, business partners and staff. The proper tool for this is the Business plan.

Some of UAE Free Zone make it compulsory to submit Business Plans before starting a New Business Set Up i.e. DMCC-Dubai ,Health Care City- Dubai etc.

Challenge For Entrepreneur In Dubai,U.A.E.

We often see of businesses man especially in Dubai/UAE put significant effort into constructing a strategy document and subsequently fail to even acknowledge its existence until they feel obliged to create another one a year or two down the track. Often the business has changed during that time which means the original Business Plan may no longer be relevant. It can appear to be a thankless task…

This is happened due to the following reasons

• Lack of clarity of vision
• Completely misunderstood the target markeet
• Lack of understanding of competitors and competition edge
• Insufficient understanding of market factors(i.e. UAE etc)
• No clear financial stargy , vision and its outcomes

What Global integrated Services Do?

We strongly believe that a clear vision will help accelerate you to achieve your business goals especially when Business set up is in UAE . Our services assist you to identify and refine your vision to be the guiding purpose of your business. Our services include

   • Analysis of Business idea
   • Alternative of Business Idea
   • Major Assumptions
   • Techncial evaluation
   • Markeet Plans
   • Market Entry Startggy
   • Pricing & Marketing Startgy
   • Organization Structure
   • HR Planning
   • Funds StructureResources
   • Financial Forcasts
   • Financial Analysis

Global Integrated Services team can help you to save time and resources. Moreover a fresh view on your business idea can help improve it from its initial Set up. A Business Plan drafted together with our expert advisers may be presented on applying for funding or financial support, Global Integrated Services also assist you to introduce investors with in UAE or Outside of UAE .