Securing your success is an important aspect of any business , INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY play a vital roll to achieve this task especially in UAE, DUBAI

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY are defined as the rights given to persons over the creations of their minds such as the Copyrights, Patents Industrial designs Trade Secret Trade marks. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY is protected by law in UAE ,which enable people to earn recognition or financial benefit from what they invent or create on similar basis in Dubai/ UAE as in their origin . INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY create a right balance between the interests of innovators and the public . If we analysis in depth the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY system encourage an environment where creativity and innovation can flourish, while UAE is contributing to create this environment.

GLOBAL INTEGRATED SERVICES has strong network of its associates not only in Dubai, UAE but also across the globe .Our Consultants assist you to prepare the paperwork and related research which is necessary to register your Trademarks , Patents and other IP in efficient manner in Dubai, UAE.

Patents Registration in UAE?

A patent is an exclusive right granted to an inventor for its invention. A patent provides the patent owner the right to decide how and where this invention can be used by other parties. UAE Intellectual Property law is also providing the protection to the patents.

A patent has 15 to 20 years protection time after its grants .

How Copy Rights Registered in UAE?

Copy rights are also part of Intellectual Property authors and creators the law grants the copy rights provides the protection for their literary and artistic creations, generally referred to as “works”. The right holder(s) of a copy right can authorize or prohibit in UAE for the following.
• Reproduction in all forms
• The performance and its communication to the public
• Adaptation in the from a novel or screenplay for a film
• Translation of material in other language

Trade Mark Registration in Dubai

A distinctive sign that identifies certain goods or services produced or provided by an individual or a company. A Trade mark can be a symbol, word, or words that are legally registered by a company or product. Trademark protection in UAE is legally enforced by courts, like any other systems, have authority to stop Trademark infringement .

One or a combination of words, letters and numerals can be Trade marks . A Trade Mark can be a drawings, symbols or three dimensional signs Trade Mark Registration in UAE cover all its seven states including the Dubai.

The period of protection varies, but a Trademark can be renewed indefinitely upon payment of the corresponding fees.
At GLOBAL INTEGRATED SERVICES we adopt the approach which will allow the client to register Trade Mark in UAE with least amount of worry on timely basis along with less efforts on the part of client